Bandeja Paisa and Colombian Food 

When talking about Colombian food, invariably your mind will always think about one dish: the “Bandeja Paisa”. It isn’t a surprise to anyone as this is one of the most iconic and popular dishes in Colombian cuisine.

What is a Bandeja Paisa? It’s a typical Colombian dish from the region of Antioquia and the Coffee Zone. The meal is characterized by an abundance of food, not only the variety of different ingredients but also by the quantity of food. This dish is a reflection of the region’s attention, warm hospitality, and welcoming values.

The Bandeja Paisa is full of flavors and has a very high protein content. Ingredients usually include, but is not limited to, red beans, rice, ground meat, chicharrón (fried pork belly), fried egg, plantains, chorizo sausage, morcilla (blood sausage), avocado, and an arepa. Many believe that this was a dish meant for peasants field workers providing them a full day’s worth of energy and nourishment.


The origins of the Bandeja Paisa was influenced by several different cultures that inhabited Colombia throughout the centuries. These include, not only the indigenous peoples of Colombia, but also colonial Spaniards and Africans. The current form and presentation of the Bandeja Paisa is relatively recent. One theory is that it’s an interpretation of local restaurants of simpler peasant dishes.

The Bandeja Paisa has become such a staple of Colombian food that in 2005 the Colombian government went as far as to make it their national dish.

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