The Savory Flavors of Colombian Food

The cuisines of Latin America all have something to offer the diner who likes to explore intriguing tastes, and Colombian food is no exception. This large country in the north of South America has been influenced by the Spanish culture, as well taking the best of African cuisines and indigenous traditions. Throughout this diverse country a number of regional dishes can be found and sampled, but there is always an abundance of meat, rice, vegetables and soups. A variety of flavors and spices make for a delicious mix of tastes that is unlike any other country.


The Most Popular Dishes

To immerse yourself in Colombia food, it makes sense to begin with the dishes that are the best known. Here are a few signature meals that diners have loved for a long time.

  • Empanadas: Colombian empanadas are deep-fried, and the insides contain everything from meats to rices to potatoes. A tasty sofrito dipping sauce, hogao, brings out the flavors.
  • Arepas: The equivalent of tortillas, but with a twist, arepas come in flour or corn. They offer a hearty snack or a meal and can be stuffed with cheeses or eggs, or just about anything else.
  • Patacones: This side dish is made of twice-fried plantains. They are also known as tostones and are a common and tasty presence at the table.
  • Bandeja Paisa: This is the national dish of Colombia. A platter contains arepas, rice, ground beef, red beans, avocado, corn and a fried egg.

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The Best Flavors

When looking for Colombian Food near me, you can taste all the great dishes this cuisine has to offer. Colombian food has all the superb tastes of Latin America, while showcasing its unique character with its own brand of food.